What information do I need to get a quote on a shower door?

To figure the cost of your shower you will first need to have your bathroom plan completed, so you know the shape and approximate measurements of your shower. For example, you’ll need to know if the shower you want is a corner shower, single door, or any of the other types listed on our Build Your Shower page. Then, you’ll need to have an idea of how you want to customize your shower. Do you want Standard 3/8” or Premium 1/2″ glass?  Do you want low-iron ultra-clear glass? What type and finish would you like for your hardware?

Not sure?  Not to worry… We’ll walk you through all of this during the quote process.

How much does a frameless glass shower door cost?

There are a few factors involved when determining the cost of a shower.  Size, Thickness, Type & Hardware. The most accurate way to find out the cost is through the Build Your Shower quote. Some of the factors that determine the cost of the shower are as follows:

Size of the Enclosure –  In this case size DOES matter. A larger shower will of course cost more than a smaller one. The number of panels, height, cutouts or notches in the glass, transom at the top for a steam-shower.  All of these are factored into the cost for the glass. More >

Thickness & Type of Glass – Standard 3/8″ and Premium 1/2″ are the two primary thicknesses used for frameless showers. Some of our framed and semi-framed showers can be available in 1/4″ glass.  Although Clear glass is the standard type, we offer many types of glass to choose from such as; Low Iron (Starphire) Frosted, Rain, Gray, and more. If you have a specific type in mind let us know.  The type of glass will influence the price. More >

Hardware – Some hardware can be slightly higher cost than others depending on the style and finish. The shower hardware selection starts with the necessary structural components of Clips/Claps, Channel, Hinges and Handle.  In addition, you have the option of customizing your shower with a Towelbar, Robe Hook and other accessories. If no specific hardware is specified we will always quote you with our “Standard Hardware Package” of Square Corner Clips/Clamps, Hinges and C-Pull handle – all in Chrome finish. More >

When is the right time to get a quote on a shower door?

You’ll want to have your bathroom project close to complete before getting a quote. The most accurate measurements can only be obtained after the tile is laid for your shower. In fact, that is what our team requires before we can come out and take final measurements. This step is critical, because your shower enclosure is fabricated to those exact measurements right down to the nearest 1/16”. This precision will ensure the tightest fit possible, durability and of course a pristine showpiece for your new bathroom.

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